A Porthole into The Future

Each Troll Eye door is an original porthole into the future as well as the past. At a moment when technology is booming in Fremont, you will be greeted by graphics inspired by 1960s space exploration, science, and technology. Enjoy this gallery of Troll Eye front door graphics.

Seattle’s Hidden Staircases

Two secluded staircases link Fremont View Apartments to the urban village below. To locate their entrances just ask a local resident. Seattle boasts 650 public stairs (more than any US city except Pittsburgh and San Francisco), built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to funnel hillside passengers to trolley routes. Long after the trolley has disappeared, those in the know still use the stairs: for exercise, including dog walking; as shortcuts to work or amenities; or to access a scenic space for reflection and solitude. Learn more about Seattle’s public staircases – and how they enhance the city’s early neighborhoods – on this podcast.